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Nov 25 2022

Integrate your product analytics with your CRM

We're building the product analytics tool for B2B SaaS companies.

And every B2B SaaS company at some point starts using a CRM. So we built a CRM integration that lets you see your product analytics data in your CRM.

You can now connect your June account to Hubspot and link 1:1 your June users and companies to Hubspot contacts and companies.

Our Hubspot integration allows you to Automatically create Hubspot contacts and companies when a new user or company is created in June.

You can also update Hubspot contacts and companies when a user or company is updated in June.

The way it works is super simple. You just need to connect your Hubspot account to June and select the Hubspot properties you want to sync with June.

You can find more information about our Hubspot integration in our documentation here.

Our vision with this integration is to make it easy for you to get your product analytics data into your CRM. The kind of data we're currently thinking of generating and integrating is:

  • Seats in the company
  • Active users in the company
  • Number of times user/company performed X event in last week/month
  • Country of user
  • Whether the user activated or not
  • Cohort of the user (month and year of joining)

Let us know what sort of product analytics data you'd like to see in your CRM and we'll try to make it happen.

Other improvements

  • We redesigned our changelog pages and our changelog home to allow you to read all of our latest releases
  • We added a table of contents to all of our blog posts, so you can skim through content more easily
  • We recorded a brand new 2 minute Demo video of how June works once properly setup, so if you haven't seen June in a while make sure you check it out!

New demo video

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