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Feb 09 2024

Unpacking the black box

In the past month we've put all of our energies in making our Hubspot integration the best out there.

One of the biggest gaps left is visibility in the status of data syncs.

While we always displayed some text saying "Last synced at", we didn't make it easy to get more information on what exactly is getting synced over and what errors we're experiencing.

This week we've made some great progress towards making this a lot more transparent.

Building on top of the new Hubspot Sync UI we shipped last week we now released a live status of the latest sync progress and a drilldown, that allows you to see which users have been synced over and what properties have been synced.

We also did the groundwork to be able to start bubbling up the specific errors that we encounter while getting your product data over to your CRM.

We're not done yet, so be ready for more improvements in this part of the product.

Other improvements

  • Fix Hubspot error handling when the instance language isn't English
  • Show password validation error message
  • All new guides, a new section to share how to predict and prevent churn
  • Fix the error on the event list that required reloading the page to toggle events from active to inactive
  • Fixed a bug with the report setup sometimes getting into a broken state when removing audience filters
  • Updated the message of the Slack integration re-connect email to link to the right settings section
  • Fixed public sharing of the milestones report
  • Fixed the activation report when milestone occurrence filters are used in the first step
  • Fix an error on the user list that caused a crash
  • Billing improvements, do not count imports as part of MAU count and make the MAU calculation more accurate
  • We moved the group context settings into the Workspaces object settings


Enzo just published a video sharing everything we know about getting into Y Combinator.

The quality on this one is a step up from a lot of our previous videos, we hope you'll find it useful:

Alberto Incisa della Rocchetta

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Ferruccio Balestreri


Daniel Beere


Adis Banda


Vinayak Mehta


Enzo Avigo


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