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Sep 08 2023

10x performance improvements

A couple of months ago we shared about our struggles working on performance as we’re scaling.

More and more companies using June, this means that we’re going from handling billions of events to hundreds of billions.

This means that we need to adapt, evolve and transform our infrastructure and our underlying data engine.

After 3 months of work we’re happy to announce that we’re now running on a new more performant system.

What does this mean for you

The results of this platform upgrade were:

  • Make June the fastest way for you to jump to any of your user or company profiles. Many of our users spend most of their time using our companies and users list, so with this upgrade those pages will take at most around a second to load.
  • Make most charts load instantly. We’re now precomputing a lot of the things you see in June, this means that you’re not going to have to wait until reports load when opening up June. Additionally because of the performance improvements we worked on refreshing charts is now going to be much faster.
  • Universal search with Command K

Because of this improved performance what we were now able to release was an improved Command K menu.

You can now just press Command K and search across reports, users and companies.

We hope this will make your daily experience using June a lot more pleasant.

Other improvements

We polished some of the rough edges of our Hubspot integration. We now highlight and explain clearly how it will behave in its setup section. The experience of setting things up should feel greatly improved. If you’re a Hubspot user you should try it out

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