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Mar 10 2023

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Last week, we found ourselves in the aftermath of our exciting 3.0 launch. It was time to onboard new users, address any bugs reported during launch week, and have some great conversations with many of you.

Having spent a year building June 3.0, we needed to regroup and plan our next steps. Our designer, Daniel, took the lead on this. With a wealth of user research experience from his time at CircleCI, he crafted our interview scripts and began chatting with users.

Sharing Our Learnings: User Interview Questions

As we explore what we’ll do next to double down on B2B metrics and how we’ll make June more flexible. Here are some questions we asked our users to better understand their needs:

Intro questions

  1. What are you using June for today? And what's the most valuable thing June does for you today?
  2. Could you tell me what made you decide to start using June? Did something happen in your company or team that inspired the decision?

Primary questions

  1. What other analytics tools do you use along with June? Could you tell me when you use June versus the other?
  2. What’s the biggest limit in June that restricts you from using it as your only analytics tool?
  3. Similar question, what’s the biggest limit that holds back the rest of your team from using June?
  4. Could you tell me a time when you used the information in one of your other analytics tools or June to take action or make a decision on something?
  5. Is there anything else you’d expect to get out of June?

Other tips on how to conduct user interviews

  1. Align with your team on your research goal and interview questions
  2. Have a note-taking partner (or use AI transcription)
  3. Involve your team in the interviews (get engineers to talk to customers)
  4. Ask about the past instead of opinions about the future (ask interviewees to tell you a time when they experienced the problem and how they tried to solve it)
  5. Talk about their life instead of your ideas

If you have any feedback - even unrelated to these questions - just use the new feedback button in the bottom left corner of every page of the product.

If you want to learn more about how to conduct user interviews The Mom Test is a great book to read.

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Other news

We recently published a June podcast episode featuring Kyle Poyar from OpenView. If you haven't heard of Kyle or OpenView, they're the VC fund responsible for coining the term "product-led growth" in 2016. Their portfolio includes successful SaaS companies like Calendly, Expensify, and Datadog. Give it a listen!

Click here to listen

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