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Oct 28 2022

Save your audiences - Alpha release

We've heard it too many times from you and feel the pain too! Setting up the same audience over and over again across your June reports can get frustrating.

We've listened to you and started working on a solution to this problem!

We're approaching this in the June way though, with weekly progress towards our final vision.

So as part of this week's release we've introduced "Saved audiences". Saved audiences are a way to save your most commonly used users and company filters, so the rest of your team can use them!

The first version we built is only available to a select group of users that requested early access. We'll roll out support to everyone in the next week or two, once we add support for using saved audiences within reports!

If you want to try out the feature reach out to us.

Other improvements

  • A new version of our onboarding, with a demo mode for non technical users is rolling out now! If you never managed to get access to a June workspace to play around with the product, reach out!
  • We kicked off work for our Hubspot integration, which is now only available for a few users. This integration will allow you to link your CRM data into June. If you're on our Growth plan and want early access, reach out!

Web Summit

This week, Enzo and Ferruccio from the team will be at Web Summit in Lisbon. If you want to meet in person and chat about building great products, reply to this email!

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