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Nov 11 2022

Product metrics benchmarks

We’re excited to launch the first product metrics benchmark platform!

It's open to everyone, non-gated 🔓

Whether you need to know what's a good benchmark for one of your product metrics. Or if you want to measure yours in seconds and see how you compare.

June has all you need to compare metrics instantly. Here's a quick link,

You may ask: "Why benchmarks?"

Benchmarks help you solve four critical problems.

🛣 Hard to guide the product roadmap

Benchmarks help you compare how areas of your product perform. They help your team decide which area of the product to keep investing in, or not.

📜 Metrics benchmark surveys are obsolete

Surveys are run once a year, at best. June provides the most up-to-date product metrics benchmarks with quarterly updates.

Soon with live data by integrating benchmarks into live usage data.

🔒 Note on Privacy: Benchmarks are anonymised and opt-in. You don't have to contribute to benchmarks to use June.

📏 Metrics aren’t standardised

If I ask you to define “activation”, how do you define it?

Most benchmarks are all over the place because metrics don’t have a single definition. Thanks to opinionated templates, we can verify how a metric gets measured. Making benchmarks accurate and relevant for you.

🗂 Metrics aren't organised

Different companies and verticals may have very different benchmarks.

We organise metrics by company type and stage.

If you have a digital product, then benchmarks are for you

Other improvements

  • We fixed some bugs with some of our Mixpanel data imports failing

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