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Jan 13 2023

New audience rules editor

We made our audience editor a lot more intuitive to use. Instead of having to click into all the different rules we now make them easy to reach in just a click.

The previous audience picker made you pick between events and traits before showing you the rules you could apply. This made it hard to understand what you could do with the audience editor.

When many of our users onboard they don't know what events or traits they have. They just want to create an audience that matches a certain group of users. By showing upfront all their traits and some of their events we made it easier to create an audience.

Suggest feature report creation

Feature report creation

We added a pop-up on the events list that suggests you to create a feature report if you start sending a new event. This allows you to create a new report in one click.

RIP Feature discovery

We’ve seen very low adoption rates for our “Discovery” setting in the feature report so decided to sunset it. We now suggest creating standalone funnels to measure the ease of discovery and setup of a feature.

Other fixes:

  • Our retention cohort table should now be a lot more stable and not crash anymore
  • We pushed some stability improvements on how we persist the setup of your reports. If you’ve ever reloaded a full page to make sure changes happened to a report, this should now be fixed!

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