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Aug 18 2023

Last seen at

Sometimes you need to make sure you get the details right. This week we fixed a long standing issue with the "Last seen at" field in user profiles.

For the past year we've been receiving at least once a week some feedback from customers confused by the "Last seen at" that we display in user profiles.

Last seen at

In the computation we've been using the last time we received an event or identify call from a user.

As a first fix we just added a tooltip to explain what the field means. But many customers were still confused. We realized that we were trying to cut corners and not doing the right thing.

So as painful as it was, this week we decided to fix it. We now compute the last seen based on your user triggered events. This means that if you change your active events, the last seen will be updated accordingly.

Additionally, we now ignore identify calls when computing the last seen. This means that if you update your user traits, the last seen will not be updated.

We hope this will make the last seen more useful and less confusing.

Add AI blocks to your views

An improvement not as many customers requested, but that we're very excited about, is the ability to add AI blocks to your views.

What this means is that not only your home is customisable with charts coming from our out-of-the box reports, but now you can also add any AI generated block to your views.

This means that if there's something only June AI can compute, you can now add it to your home screen for easy access.

As part of this work we also redesigned the experience to add a block to views. The new design allows you to view all report types at a glance, and find the chart you're looking for more easily.

Add block modal

Other improvements

  • We released an initial version of our Attio integration, and some more stability improvements to our Hubspot integration. We're aiming to release these integrations to all customers in the next few weeks.
  • Fixed some loading issues with our audiences pages
  • Improved the design showing when each block in reports was last computed
  • We now show all the property values for an event in the report setup
  • We removed the company and user toggle in the explorer and feature audit reports as they both show the same data

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