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Feb 24 2023

Announcing June 3.0

June 3.0 is here! 🎉

June has grown a lot since we started. It’s not anymore just the simple product analytics for startups.

It has evolved into a fully fledged product analytics for B2B SaaS. That helps you activate and retain accounts as you scale.

Today we’re excited to announce June 3.0 - the new way to do product analytics. This is the result of 2 years of work, and feedback from hundreds of users.

For B2B SaaS

My cofounder and I worked in the same product team at Intercom.

Back then we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on analytics tools. Yet we rarely used them. That’s when we left our jobs and decided to start June.

Analytics tools are complex, cold and intimidating. From the get go we wanted June to be simple, warm and approachable. The name June came from the first month of summer 🌸

B2B SaaS have specific analytics needs. Yet they are underserved because traditional Product analytics were built for the mobile era. Key actions such as enriching, measuring and keeping track of strategic accounts are broken.

Also the data is limited to the most data-savvy person. In B2B SaaS, everyone needs to access product usage data to make decisions:

  • Marketing teams to bring the sign-ups that retain and monetize
  • Customer success teams to activate and retain accounts
  • Sales teams to sell to accounts at the right moment

Product analytics becomes accessible to all within the product organization. We call it the new way.

Key features of June 3.0

⚡️ Track the right metrics with zero setup: We studied what and how to track products so you can understand your users like the best companies do.

🏢 Optimized to measure companies: Finally a product analytics tool made for company level metrics.

🔍 Zoom into your metrics: Know the companies behind the numbers. Dive into company profiles instead of random IDs.

🔌 Connect a data source and see your metrics: Easily start sending your data and integrate with the products you and your team already use. View our docs.

Other improvements

  • We redesigned our documentation to make it easier to find what you're looking for. This new organization should be easier to navigate and understand.
  • We updated our Javascript SDK to support modern bundlers like Vite

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