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Jun 03 2022

Introducing the explorer report

"How many times do people use Feature A over Feature B?"

If you ever had to ask yourself a question like this one you can now set up and save an explorer report, just like with any other report.

This new version of the explorer also allows you to set audience rules for your comparisons, so that you can answer more specific questions like "Are the users on the paid plan signing up using Google or Slack?"

Other improvements

  • We added sorting, search and filtering on the Templates page. This should make it easier to find the right template to start your analysis.
  • We added a new insight for the active users report, highlighting who are the users that were active for the most days in the last 90 days.
  • We moved the report settings for the active users report to the menu of the report, next to the report setup preview.

On the feature release report:

  • Set up examples for each of the sections in the report
  • The adoption over time chart can be received in Slack as a notification
  • The optional steps in the report setup won't be highlighted when setting up the report from scratch

On the retention report:

  • We now ignore incomplete periods when plotting out the retention chart
  • We highlight in-progress periods in the retention cohort table

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