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Apr 21 2023

Advanced company tracking

When we started June we started building a first product with a very broad focus.

We knew that because of the growing popularity of products like Segment people now had more control over their data. This meant that if we were able to build a product that generated value from that existing data, it wouldn't be hard to convince people to use it.

Once we started getting some initial traction we zoomed into how people were using June and we started to see some patterns emerge.

For example we learned that in B2B companies Customer Success and Sales teams look into product usage information with the same intensity as a early stage startup founder looking for product market fit. We also learned that the way these companies build product is in a very collaborative way, with many people from different teams contributing to the product development process. So having a tool that's dead simple to use and that can be used by anyone in the company is a big plus.

From these insights (that we got looking at the "most active users" list in the active users report) we decided to focus on building a product that would help anyone in a B2B company to understand how their customers are using their product.

This realisation came one year and a half ago - and we've come a long way since then.

Given all this context - how is this relevant for this week's update?

Well, this week we're releasing some features that make it super easy to track companies in June.

How to track companies in June

One of the core ways we think about building June is that if we can make something work out of the box for you, we should do it.

So as a default the way we allow you to track how companies use your product is straightforward.

You tell us what company a user belongs to and we'll automatically track all the events that user generates for that company. This means that you can start tracking companies in June without having to change anything in your code.

This is great because most of the time if someone uses a B2B product they do so using their company email address. So we can automatically associate that user to a company.

It turns out that this is not always the case.

For example if you have some internal users or customer support teammates that can impersonate your customers they might get associated with every company that they impersonate.

Or if you have a product like Slack where people can get invited to many different workspaces, they might get associated with many different companies.

When this ends up happing June will assume that all the companies that a user belongs to are using your product. This might not be the case - and can lead to overestimating the number of companies that are using your product.

In these cases you might want to have more control over how companies are tracked in June.

Advanced company tracking

For granular control over how companies are tracked in June - you can enable "Use group context" in your June settings.

What this does is that it allows you to only track events as part of a company if you explicitly tell us to do so.

For example if you have a user that belongs to two different companies, you can tell us to only track events for one of those companies.

You can do this by adding a groupId as part of the context object in your events.

As part of last week's update we've released some improvements into how you can check whether your events are being tracked correctly as part of a company.

  1. In the onboarding flow we now show you if your events are being tracked as part of a company
  2. In the events list we now show you what company is associated with each event

Other improvements

  • We pushed some fixes to a bug in the Activation report where the CSV export was not exporting the correct data for the insight card
  • We added support for Amplitude imports in the EU region
  • We fixed a bug in the account upgrade flow for users that have already did a trial in the past

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