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Aug 25 2023

Hubspot integration is now available for all

For the past few months, we've been working closely with a couple of customers on our Hubspot integration.

We're now ready to release it to all Growth plan customers. If you start using it now it will be included in your plan, and you'll be able to use it as long as you're on the Growth plan.

Over the coming months we might make some changes to the pricing of this integration and make it an add-on. That being said we want to reward our early customers for helping us build this integration, and we'll make sure that you'll be able to use it for free for a long time.

Our goal here is to make sure we get as much feedback as possible to improve the integration and make it as useful as possible for you.

As of last week we've released the following improvements to the integration:

  • Only sync compatible properties: we now only sync properties that are compatible with June. This means that you'll only see properties that you can sync from June - we now show you a warning if you try to sync a property type that is not compatible with your June traits.
  • Match Hubspot companies by domain setting. In Hubspot the company domain is a unique identifier for a company. We now allow you to match companies by domain, so that you can match companies that have the same domain in Hubspot and June when syncing companies.

Additionally we've made improvements to make the integration more stable and reliable.

Other improvements

  • We're working on a 100x performance improvement to all of our app. We're hoping to roll it out in the next few weeks. The first place we expect to roll it out for is the Command-K search. We'll let you know when it's ready. We ran some initial benchmarks and we're seeing a 100x improvement in performance.
  • You can now select company performed events as part of the audience filters. This means that you can now create reports based on whether or not a company performed a certain action.
  • We released a new version of our Node SDK that better handles errors and retries. This should make it more reliable to integrate June with your backend.

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