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Mar 17 2023

Making funnels flexible

"It feels like I'm fighting with June to get the customisation I need"

In our user interviews last week we heard some form of this feedback from multiple people.

We feel you and this is now our primary focus. A lot of the flexibility limitations in our product are due to the fact that we're a young company - not strategic decisions.

So in the coming weeks, we'll be addressing all the most obvious limitations. Both with iterative changes like the one we're releasing this week - and with huge bets that we'll be sharing about soon.

This week we're launching a revamped funnel report. This new version of our funnel brings several long awaited improvements:

  1. Funnels now support multiple events per step
  2. You can now add names to each step in your funnel - so they can be more readable

Other improvements

  • Join your team in the onboarding. You can now enable adding automatically teammates with an email with your domain into your June account. We've heard many of you struggled signing up to June and joining the correct workspace so we decided to fix this in the product.
  • Activation report improvements. We've rolled out some changes to the activation reports to make it more intuitive. The required step is now an entry condition for your milestones. We also added an explanation to how these milestones are calculated.
  • New Segment Actions source. This week we shipped a new Segment actions destination that should allow for more customisation in your June setup for customers using Segment.
  • Lots of small bug fixes and improvements.

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