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Sep 03 2021

Filter on company trait

You can create new audiences based on the user's company traits.

For those of you that rely on the company trait instead of the user trait to categorize users, you can now filter users using all the traditional filtering methods on the company trait itself.

Other improvements

  • This week we added the possibility to use pageviews in every June template! 🎉
  • You can now see the detail of the users that interact with each of your features in the Feature Audit template. Seek for the "user" tab at the bottom of the graph. changelog-w35-feature-audit-kanban.png
  • Tired of seeing seasonality in your active user reports? You can remove weekends from the graph by switching the toggle in the settings Capture d’écran 2021-09-07 à 18.27.32.png
  • We optimized the retention query which should make the User and Feature Retention reports load a lot faster ⚡️
  • The app is even faster become fast because we separated our API and app endpoints.
  • We fixed a bug in the template date range selector which wouldn't allow you to select a predefined time range after you'd selected a custom time range.

Two more things

We launched Analytics Pack, a curated directory of the best startup metrics we've observed; illustrated with graphs, explained through articles, and detailed with ideal tracking setups!

Also we shared the gospel on Forbes.

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