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Mar 25 2022

Export everything as a CSV

This week's release should be particularly juicy for you.

We just released CSV export support for every drill down with users in the product and in the users' list.

This means that you can now click on any data point that matters to you and then receive in your inbox all the user information you need.

This is great for a lot of use cases:

  1. To extract users that dropped off in an important step of your onboarding to manually help them through
  2. To identify and reach out to the power users of your product and build a better product with them
  3. To prevent users from churning and reaching out pro-actively to reactivate them

We also worked on a lot of improvements to the product:

  • We released the first version of user milestones. This new feature on the Home allows you to define what are the core milestones in your product.
  • We added some educational cards in the home of the product to make it easier to discover event notifications
  • We launched our new guides and blog
  • We added support for multiple events in the Top feature users report and support for Slack notifications from it
  • We fixed some bugs with our single event Slack alerts with complex audience rules, they should now send properly
  • We updated the default report names from "Untitled" to the name of the template of the report. This should help clean up your report list.
  • We fixed a bug that caused us not to support events with a : in their name
  • And a lot more small bug fixes

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