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Mar 24 2023

Editable home

When we first built the product home we wanted to create an opinionated view on all reports that would work for most companies. We wanted it to be a story from Acquisition, to Activation, to Active users and retention over time.

To pick the reports we'd show on the home we defaulted to the most opened ones. This works well for 80% of users, but makes the product hard to use for the remaining 20%.

So last week as we were focusing on flexibility we decided to allow you to pick which reports you want to get your insights from on the home. So from now on you can explicitly set which reports you care about the most - and you can pin them in your home for the rest of your company.

This is the first step towards further flexibility in June - in the near future we want to get to a place where you get most of the things you need out of the box, and then as you get more sophisticated, you can make June yours.

Alongside this work, we enabled this customisation also on company pages. You can now select the reports that are used on company pages - so you can look at the right numbers when measuring a company's health.

Over the next months we want to accelerate the pace at which we make June evolve, so make sure you share your feedback with us on what you'd love to see us build.

Other improvements

  • Demo workspace data improvements. We improved the data we generate for demo workspaces. This should make it easier for people evaluating June to get an idea of what you can do with it.

  • We added property filtering to Slack notifications. As part of this work we revamped and redesigned the experience around setting up Slack event notifications.

  • We updated our approximate queries for company reports. If you're not using the group context to track your users we updated the logic we have to count companies as active. In the past we considered every company a user was part of as active. This meant that companies that didn't match your audience filters, but had users that belonged to companies that did match your filters would be counted as active as part of reports. We now only match the first company for a user if you have the group context disabled. Our recommendation is to always implement the group context if you have impersonation workflows or if your users can belong to multiple companies. See the docs

Live talk with Stytch

We're doing a live talk with our friends at Stytch. Enzo our CEO will be chatting with Stytch CEO Reed McGinley-Stempel about how to thoughtfully use authentication and analytics together to build a high-performing signup flow that is easy to get through and makes customers want to stick around.

If you're interested in joining you can sign up here.

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