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Apr 28 2023

Bug bashing week

Every time you ship something there's a chance that you didn't consider some edge cases.

After a while, you'll have a lot of bugs in your codebase. Ideally, you'd fix them as you go, but sometimes you don't have time for that.

So, you need to set aside some time to fix bugs.

As a team it's always tempting to set aside some time for bugs, but still have someone working on new features.

The risk of doing that is that it feels like you're not making progress on new features, and you're not making progress on bugs either. You also don't want to have some people on the team cleaning up a mess while others are working on new features (creating more mess).

So, the best way to make progress on bugs is to have everyone on the team work on bugs for a week. This way we're all in it together, and we can make a lot of progress.

Last week was bug bashing week for us. We fixed a lot of bugs, and we're now in a much better place.

Besides fixing bugs, we also shipped a few improvements to the product that should make it easier to use the product without reaching out to us:

  • You can now delete events you want to archive from the events list
  • We pushed some improvements to the Getting Started page to make it easier to get started with company tracking
  • We now show you what events have the group context on the events list. This should improve the ease of setting up tracking of companies.

What's next

We're going to keep working on bugs and improving the overall product quality and performance.

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