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Sep 01 2023

Sync your data with Attio

As a product-led company with a free plan we reached the point where our GTM team was missing a CRM to manage their relationship with customers. We tried a few CRMs but we couldn't find one that was a good fit for us.

Our requirements were:

  • Be able to see all the interactions we had with a customer in one place (emails, calls, in-app messages, etc.)
  • Be able to access enriched data about the customer (company size, industry, estimated revenue etc.)
  • Be able to connect our product data to the CRM

At first we started using Hubspot. It was a good fit to track a small pipeline of deals but it didn't allow us to connect our product data to the CRM in the way we wanted.

The limitation we faced was that companies in Hubspot are unique by their domain. This means that if you can't really have two companies with the same domain.

This was a problem for us because the way or product usage data is structured is that we have a company ID and a user ID. This means that if we have two companies in June that a user belongs to, we can't send the data to Hubspot because it would create a conflict.

Entering Attio's custom objects

Attio integration setup

Attio offers an extremely flexible data model that allowed us to solve this problem. In Attio you can create custom objects that can be linked to companies. This means that we can create a custom object called "Workspaces" and link it to the company in Attio.

With this seemingly small change we were able to solve our problem. We can now send all of our product data to Attio and link it to the company.

What we've been able to do with this is the create some really powerful views in Attio, powered by our June data.

Our most useful views

These are some of the views in Attio we get the most value from:

  1. Warm untouched qualified signups - This view shows us new signups that are qualified but haven't been contacted by our team yet. The ones we pay the most attention to are the ones that haven't started sending us data yet. We use this view to reach out to customers that are having trouble integrating June.
  2. Trialing - This view shows us all the companies that are trialing June. We use this view to make sure that the product usage and the number of users in the company allow the customer to get the most out of June.
  3. Churn risk - This view shows us all the companies that are at risk of churning. We use this view to reach out to customers that are not using June as much as they used to.
  4. Highly active accounts we never spoke to - We use this view to reach out to customers that are using June a lot but we never spoke to - by both checking the product usage and whether we had any calls with them.

The best part of this is that all of this is powered by the June app and we don't have to do any manual work to keep it up to date.

Attio integration setup

How to set this up

Right now only a handful of our customers are using this integration but we're planning to open it up to everyone in the next few weeks.

For everyone that used it it's been a game changer and has unlocked $100k+ in pipeline that people couldn't see before.

If this is something you're interested in reach out via Intercom and we'll help you set it up.

Other improvements

  • We redesigned the Settings of our app. You can now find all of our integrations in the sidebar of our Settings page.
  • We're making progress on rolling out our new data engine. We're seeing 100x faster queries - but need to do another week or two of testing before we can roll it out to everyone. Our app performance is going to be slower than usual until we finish rolling these changes out as we have to run both engines in parallel.

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